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Life Membership and Lifetime Achievement

Life Membership

The most prestigious award to be bestowed on a member of Welsh Athletics – the award recognises long, exceptional and distinguished service to the Sport of Athletics in Wales.

At any one time, the number of Life Members shall be restricted to a maximum of fifteen members - Please note that Welsh Athletics currently have fourteen Life Members, they are:

Clive Williams

Ivor Adams

Alan Currie

Hedydd Davies

Lynette Harries

Keith Matthews

Jan Nugent

Barrie Owen

John Penny

Joyce Tomala

Ian Griffiths

Graham Finlayson

Brenda Currie

Steve Brace

Lifetime Achievement

Criteria for inclusion:

The Lifetime Achievement Award is for someone who has made a significant and major contribution to athletics in Wales during his or her lifetime, with a minimum of 40 years’ service to the sport. The individual should have had a wide-ranging impact on Welsh athletics at a high level and not simply at local or club level. The award was instituted in 2007 to coincide with the launch of the Hall of Fame awards. This award is presented biennially at the Awards and Hall of Fame Dinner and is determined by the National Awards Panel and confirmed by the directors of Welsh Athletics Ltd.

2007    Ken Harris *

2008    Lynette Harries

2009    John H. Collins *

2010    Alan Currie

2012    Ivor Adams

2012    D. Hedydd Davies

2014    J. Barrie Owen

2016    David Alun Williams*

For the full list of recipients please see the Roll of Honour PDF.

For the historical notes of the Welsh Athletics Service Awards click here.