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Ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to participate and achieve

We will

  • Train, Inspire and empower run leaders to establish their own groups across Wales
  • Develop the competition pathway to support long term athlete development and retention
  • Collaborate with partners to ensure everyone, everywhere has access to relevant competition opportunities
  • Provide the tools, training and resources to facilitate the removal of all barriers to participation
  • Champion the health & wellbeing benefits of our sport at all levels

How will we measure success?

  • 420,000 adults running every week in Wales by 2026
  • Increase the demand for participation in Athletics and running
  • Have 300 registered running groups, each one with a qualified Run Leader
  • Increasing total opportunities to participate in each region of Wales
  • Dedicated athletics facility in each Local Authority area
  • Ensuring everyone has access to a local Club, Running group or free running opportunities
  • To increase the number of athletes engaging with licensed competitions across Wales, specifically targeting under-represented groups

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