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Engaging young people and preparing everyone for a lifelong enjoyment of Sport


We will…

  • Create and roll out a physical literacy offering for children aged 4 – 9
  • Improve provision of athletics and running within every school in Wales
  • Ensure every child has access to athletics programmes including The Dailymile, Quadkids and Sportshall
  • Create an enhanced Teacher Education and Development programme
  • Support Clubs to create safe, positive environments for all children to engage in athletics

How will we measure Success?

  • Physical Literacy offering being delivered in all 22 Local Authority areas of Wales
  • 100% of Schools engaged in Athletics delivery
  • Increased participation levels within School Districts and Junior Athletics competitions across all parts of Wales
  • Every Club welfare officer has attended face to face safeguarding training, and engaging with ongoing development opportunities
  • Numbers of young athletes taking up free running opportunities across Wales

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