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Athletics is a sport that provides an exciting range of opportunities for disabled people. It provides a mixture of events and sport classes for everyone to enjoy, develop, and learn new skills whether participating, volunteering or coaching.

Welsh Athletics has a long tradition of success at the World and European Championships as well as the Paralympic and Commonwealth Games. Athletes such as Aled Sion Davies (F42/44), Steve Morris (T20), Kyron Duke (F41), Rhys Jones (T37), Olivia Breen (T35-38), Hollie Arnold (F46), James Ledger (T12), Harrison Walsh (F44) and Beverly Jones (F37) have all enjoyed success at the highest level and achieved medals on the world stage. 

The Classifications System

Classification is an integral part of disability athletics to ensure fair competition. Within the sport there are defined classification groups and each group is subdivided into classes depending on the level of impairment. There are strict criteria attached to each class. For further information see the IPC guidance and the British Athletics coaching website Athletics Hub and information and advice on Disability Terminology.

Find out more about the classification system here.

UK Athletics - 2024 National Classification Clinic Dates (For Athletes with a Physical Impairment)

Click here to view the upcoming classification dates.

Click here to download the Medical Diagnostics Form for Athletes with a Physical Impairment.