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About the myAthletics Portal

What is the myAthletics Portal?

The new and enhanced myAthletics Portal has been live since 2022 and is now the only way to manage your club through Welsh Athletics. This new, updated system retains all the functionalities of the previous version of the Secretary’s Portal, with added features and upgrades aimed at making managing clubs easier and reducing the administrative burden on club volunteers.

Benefits of the myAthletics Portal

The myAthletics Portal introduced a host of features and upgrades to the previous system. These include;

  • Increased ease of managing members: Less paperwork and time spent on administrative tasks
  • Ability for members to manage their own data: Empowers athletes to manage their own profile on the portal, reducing administrative burden on club volunteers
  • Manage payments in one place: With a single transaction made by members, clubs can collect membership fees and pay athlete registration fees
  • Registration being ‘live’ with Trinity: Using the payments function, clubs and Welsh Athletics can instantly see whether an athlete is a paid up & registered member, with no waiting time for remittances to clear
  • More ability to interact with members: Clubs can send emails, reminders, and payment requests to members, all recorded and stored on the portal

The myAthletics Portal has a comprehensive list of FAQ’s which gives a step by step guide on how to use all aspects of the portal, from adding members, to assigning club roles, to managing your clubs payments.

Club Standards

The myAthletics Portal has a club standards ‘checklist’ to help ensure that clubs are well managed, resilient, and offer a safe and inclusive environment for its’ members. Each club is required to meet certain minimum standards for affiliation to Welsh Athletics.  

Clubs are expected to reach a minimum of 5 of the 7 standards listed on the myAthletics Portal, with the mandatory standards being;

  • Committee (Standard 2): The club has appointed a committee made up of representatives from the club in all key roles
  • Club Safeguarding Code of Conduct (Standard 6):
  1. The club confirms that it has adopted the latest version of the Welsh Athletics Safeguarding Policies and that these are available on the club website. See the Safeguarding & Welfare page for the latest versions of the policies (clubs can link directly to this page on their website). The club also needs to confirm that all members are aware of their responsibilities and agree to the codes of conduct
  2. The club has at least two nominated Club Welfare Officers in place (one male, one female) *. The nominated CWO's must have in place; a valid DBS, and have completed an online Safeguarding in Athletics Course AND a Club Welfare Officer Training (Wales) Course (previously known as Time2Listen) within the last three years. The Safeguarding in Athletics Course (£10pp) can be booked on the Athletics Hub and be taken at any time. The Club Welfare Officer Training (Wales) Couse (£35pp) is held online, with courses being offered periodically throughout the year. Upcoming courses are communicated via the clubs newsletter, and are displayed on the Welsh Athletics Safeguarding & Welfare page and Courses Events Calendar.    

* Welsh Athletics will consider exceptions on a club-by-club basis (e.g. smaller clubs, female only clubs…)

Please click here to watch a short video on how to manage your club standards on the myAthletics Portal. 

We recognise that each club is different and will be at different stages of development, and some may be working towards certain standards. If your club needs any support or has questions about the club standards, please get in touch with  

Managing Club Payments

The myAthletics Portal is a ready made vehicle for managing your club’s payments. Payment requests and reminders can be sent directly to members (individually or in bulk) through the portal, with payments being split at source. Part of the payment is auto redirected to Welsh Athletics as the athlete registration fee, with the remaining amount being deposited into the club’s bank account as the club membership fee.

To take full advantage of the myAthletics Portal’s payment functionality, clubs will need to set up a Stripe account. Click here for a step-by-step guide on setting up a Stripe Account. If your club already has a Stripe account, there is no need to set up a new one. The guide explains the onboarding process for existing Stripe accounts.  

We strongly recommend that all clubs utilise the myAthletics Portal fully to request/collect club membership fees and pay for their members’ Welsh Athletics registration fees (through Stripe). This greatly reduces the administrative burden on club volunteers, and is part of Welsh Athletics’ transition towards a direct athlete registration system (further details to follow during the 2024/25 affiliation year).

We recognise that some clubs may not currently be in a position to transfer fully to the split payment function on the myAthletics Portal for a variety of reasons, for example:

  • Clubs with affiliation dates different to the Welsh Athletics affiliation year
  • Clubs that have already collected membership fees and will need to pay for athlete registration fees when they become due in April  
  • Clubs that collect/request Welsh Athletics registration fees separately to club membership fees

Please click on the dropdown lists below for further guidance on the different ways to manage your club's payments using the myAthletics Portal.