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Welsh Athletics Performance Programme Training Camp 2024

23/04/2024 00:00, I Mewn Blog / Track & Field /

In recent weeks, Welsh Athletics orchestrated its annual Performance Programme training camp, a pivotal component in the athletes' preparation for this summer's competitions.

Held in Monte Gordo, Portugal, a familiar setting renowned for hosting numerous Welsh Athletics training camps, the location provided an optimal environment for focused training over a concentrated 10-day period. Equipped with modern facilities catering to both para and non-para athletes, the camp ensured that every athlete had the resources they needed to thrive. A dedicated performance team, comprising of coaches, physiotherapists, soft tissue therapists, sports psychologists, strength and conditioning coaches, and event group leads, provided personalised support, maximising each athlete's training experience.

At the heart of the performance strategy lies the ethos of consistently nurturing talent up the pathway. With athletes from the National Development Programme (NDP) joining their counterparts from the Performance and Transition Programme on the camp, the camp offered the NDP athletes invaluable experience and insights into the journey towards higher performance levels. During the camp, workshops focusing on behaviours, mental resilience, emotional wellbeing, and self-therapy were integral components, empowering athletes with the tools needed for their development as performance athletes.

Self-therapy workshop with Dave Rowe

Physical Prep and Recovery Session with Dave Rowe

The camp saw Welsh Athletics Strength and Conditioning coaches conduct daily monitoring, bespoke performance analysis, and providing overall support in strength and conditioning sessions. Technical events such as jumps and throws received specialised attention, with external staff brought in to offer expert guidance, allowing athletes ample opportunity to refine their skills.

1:1 S&C Session

Athlete Jac Sheehan having a 1:1 Strength & Conditioning session with Joe Parker

Leveraging the Smartabase Athlete Management System (AMS), athletes monitored their wellness and analysed collected data daily, identifying trends and areas for improvement. From biomechanical analysis to performance metrics, every aspect was scrutinised to optimise performance.

Seated throws training session

Athlete Kieran Jones in a seated throws training session

Regular feedback mechanisms fostered open communication between athletes and the performance team, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and adaptation. Post-camp, athletes will continue to receive ongoing support and guidance throughout the season, ensuring that the gains made during the camp are sustained.

The Welsh Athletics Performance Programme training camp aligns seamlessly with our performance strategy, representing a pivotal step in elevating athlete performance. For further information on our performance strategy, click here.

Head of Performance, Chris Type shared:

We were pleased with how the camp was delivered. It will provide a great learning opportunity for our athletes on the performance pathway, with valuable lessons learnt for the athletes. How the athlete and coach implement the learning during final prep for the summer season, is vital for future athletic progress.

Tom Wilcock – Transition Programme Athlete added:

I found the whole training camp extremely useful and enjoyable. We were looked after extremely well by Bethan and the team. Welsh Athletics provided full support from physio, S&C, soft tissue and psychology which all athletes using it to its full potential. The collaboration of more experienced athletes with youth athletes was also an important takeaway from the camp. Overall, it was a great experience and good training was banked.

Tomi Roberts-Jones, National Development Programme Athlete said:

This is the first time I’ve been on camp with Welsh Athletics , it was both invaluable and a great opportunity to learn new skills. I particularly benefited from training with like minded athletes and having support available  to troubleshoot and guide on my training plan. This trip offered me great experiences both on and off the track.

Darcy Coslett, National Development Programme Athlete shared:

It was a privilege to be invited to attend the warm weather training camp in Monte Gordo, Portugal as part of the Welsh National Development Programme. Working alongside such talented and experienced athletes and coaches has given me inspiration for the outdoor season ahead.’ Darcy Coslett, National Development Programme

A big thank you to all the athletes, coaches and support teams for your support.

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