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Team Announcement - EDP Lisbon Half Marathon 2023

07/01/2023 00:00, I Mewn Blog / Commonwealth Games /

7 Welsh Athletes have been selected to represent Wales at the EDP Lisbon Half Marathon on Sunday 12 March 2023! 

Steve Mitchell, National Talent Development Coordinator - Endurance at Welsh Athletics & Team Manager for the event shared:

It is fantastic that we are able to send a Welsh Team to the Lisbon Half Marathon for the first time. As the race where the current male half marathon world record was set, it can legitimately claim to be the fastest half marathon in the world. Our strong Welsh team includes athletes who competed for Wales in the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. We wish all athletes the best of luck as they compete and prove themselves against some of the very best in the world.




Anna Bracegirdle

Salford Harriers

James Thie

Andrew Davies

Stockport Harriers


Rosie Edwards

Rotherham Harriers

Robert Hawkins

Clara Evans

Pontypridd Roadents

Chris Jones

Dewi Griffiths

Swansea Harriers

Kevin Evans

Joshua Griffiths

Swansea Harriers


Olivia Tsim

Pontypridd Roadents


A huge congratulations to all 7 Athletes.

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