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2023 Welsh Athletics Annual General Meeting

23/10/2023 00:00, I Mewn Blog / Club Notice Board /

The Welsh Athletics Annual General Meeting took place in Cardiff over the weekend, and a number of key decisions were agreed by the membership. These included;

  • A decision to increase the Club Affiliation fee from April 2024 to £150
  • Agreement to establish a working group to review the approach to Club Affiliation fees beyond 2024, to explore a proportionate system based on club size
  • Agreement to increase the Athlete affiliation fee over the next 3 years to the following amounts;

Age Group

Current Fee














  • The eligibility criteria was updated to reflect the ability for qualification to be achieved through Grandparents eligibility
  • It was agreed to explore the possibility of merging the Service and National Awards panels over the coming year.

The meeting focused on the need for the membership, staff, and governance structure to continue to work together to ensure that the sport continues to grow. The coming year will see a number of new areas of responsibility being passed to the Home Countries from UK Athletics. This will give the sport in Wales an opportunity to align the education process for Coaches and Officials with the needs of the clubs, ensuring that growth can be achieved to enable our clubs and competition structure to grow. 

Welsh Athletics would like to thank the membership for their continued support.