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Disability Inclusion Training

Welsh Athletics, in partnership with UKA and Disability Sport Wales delivers disability and inclusion training and workshops to coaches, volunteers, education and support services.

The workshops and experiences available include:

Teaching Inclusive Athletics

The needs of individual pupils should be the most important consideration when planning any lesson, and teachers should exercise their professional judgement and expertise in selecting and modifying activities. Pupils with physical, sensory and intellectual impairments take part in athletics at all levels. They can, and should, be integrated into activity alongside non-disabled pupils. It is important to find out in advance if any pupils attending your lessons are disabled so you can discuss with them (and their parents/guardian if necessary) if, and how, this may impact on the activities that you are asking them to do. This will allow you to plan in advance to provide any necessary support and to adapt any activities as necessary. For useful information on the various impairments and some ‘Top Tips’ on how to adapt your teaching practice to ensure all pupils are engaged in the activity and their learning see the Run, Jump, Throw Inclusion and Inclusion Support Cards.