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National Talent Development Coordinator - Throws

Ryan Spencer-Jones

0786 461 3652

Ryan works as the National Throws Coordinator  developing the throws across the country.

My role within Welsh Athletics will be to develop, assist and work on key partnerships with personal and community coaches to ensure we produce a succession of throwers. We have the coaching talent and the athlete talent in Wales and my mission will be to develop, embed and produce a program that best suits the regions and clubs across Wales. This will be done with key partners across Wales."

"My philosophy within coaching, if it were to be 3 words would be “specific hard work” - there is no substitution for hard work the best throwers work hard but also work smart and specific. Within my programming, if it does not make you a better thrower it does not need to be in there and are we just training to feel tired. There is a large difference between training to become a more powerful efficient athlete rather than just to feel tired from training.