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All Welsh National Records / All-Comers Records / Age-Group Best Performances are maintained by Welsh Athletics and available on the Welsh Athletics Website here


Welsh Records are recognised at Senior, Master’s,Under-23 and Under-20 level. For the Under 18 age-group, Welsh Records will be recognised for Track & Field (Outdoors) only.

For age-groups at Under-18, Under-17, Under-15 and Under-13 levels, these will be considered ‘Age-Group Best Performances’. For the Under-18 age-group, Track & Field (Outdoors) performances will be consiered for 'Age-Group Best Performances'.

All-comers records are considered for Senior athletes only.

WELSH NATIONAL RECORD: A record registered by a competitor who was deemed to be eligible to compete for Wales at the time of the performance, provided that athlete has not rendered him/herself ineligible to compete for Wales.

For athletes to be eligible for Welsh National Records, they must be registered with Welsh Athletics.

WELSH ALL-COMER’S RECORD: For a performance registered in Wales by a competitor irrespective of their nationality or place of birth.


Welsh records and Age Group Best Performances can be held only by athetes eligible to represent Wales in international competition, or to compete in the Welsh National Championships (not including athletes entering as open competitors).  Eligibility is achieved by birth, parentage (at least one parent born in Wales) or a minimum of 2 years’ residence in Wales.  This is in line with the policy operated by UK Athletics and other home nations.

Eligibility confirmation is approved via Welsh Athletics’ Registration and Licensing Officer when proof of such matters as birth, parentage and residence must be submitted for confirmation. Furter information on eligibility can be found here.


Please download the Welsh Athletics Record Form. The form includes details of events at which records can be performed and details of how it should be submitted.


Performances set at the following level of meetings will automatically be considered without the requirement for an application form to be lodged:

  1. Major Championships (Olympic Games, World Championships, European Championships, Commonwealth Games).
  2. All World Athletics badged events (World Athletics Continental Cup, World Athletics Relays, Diamond League meetings, World Athletics Continental Tour meetings, World Athletics Indoor Tour meetings, World Athletics Challenge meetings, World Athletics Combined Events, World Athletics Label Road Races. Details of meetings:
  3. All European Athletics badged events (European Team Championships, European Throwing Cup, European 10000m Cup, European Race Walking Team Championship meetings).
  4. Welsh Athletics National Championships and all events organised directly by Welsh Athletics. In this case, Welsh Athletics will complete the required paperwork.
  5. National Championships of a World Athletics Member Federation and USA National Collegiate AA (NCAA) Championships. National Championships of the Home Nations of the UK.
  6. All International matches including a Welsh or GB&NI National Team.

To claim a Welsh record at a competition other than those stated above, the athlete must:

•Complete and return a Welsh Record Application Form.
• Complete the paperwork and obtain the relevant signatures and supporting documents.
• Forward the application to Welsh Athletics within 3 calendar months of the performance.

Other than for events listed above, The Athlete/Coach/Parent, in co-operation with the Meeting Manager, is responsible for ensuring that all of the documentation is completed and shall send together with the official application form:

• The complete results of the event, including the wind speed reading (if applicable)
• The photo finish image (if applicable)
• The field card for the event (if applicable)


Performances are considered for approval by Welsh Athletics. For Track & Field Records this is done by the Track & Field Committee of Welsh Athletics and confirmed for the Outdoor season each October and the Indoor Season each April.

For Road Races, this is done by the Endurance Officials Committee at the culmination of each calendar year.

Record lists are maintained and updated on the Welsh Athletics Website here


1. The Record shall be made in a bona fide competition which has been duly arranged, advertised and authorised before the day of the event.
2. The athlete achieving the Record must have been eligible to compete under the Rules.
3. The Record shall be better than or equal to the existing Record for that event. If a Record is equalled, it shall have the same status as the original Record.
4. No performance shall be regarded as a Record until it has been ratified by the relevant discipline committee of Welsh Athletics.
5. Welsh Athletics will supply the official Record Certificate, for presentation to holders of National Records and Age-Group Best Performances.
6. If the performance is not ratified as a Record, Welsh Athletics will give the reasons.
7. For a Record to be recognised, the performance must be achieved under the specific conditions detailed in Rule 141 of the UKA Rules.
8, In the event of an athlete achieving a performance that is superior to a higher age group record, the performance will count for both age groups.

In all cases, the relevant Committee reserve the right to request further information on performances should they feel it is required. The Committee have discretion in dealing with record applications to consider all aspects of the competition where not all aspects of the Rules have been strictly adhered to.


  1. For senior and under-20 performances, UK Athletics rules will be adhered to. Therefore, no performances set in mixed track races will be acceptable for records.
  2. (b) For under-18, under-17, under-15 and under-13 performances, marks set in mixed races will be acceptable for age group bests.
  3. In open graded competition for races over 400 metres, the rules for Under 13 and Under 15 age groups must be followed – no Under 13 performances will be accepted as an age group best if there are Under 17, Under 20 or Senior athletes in the field. No Under 15 performances will be accepted as age group bests if there are Under 20 or Senior athletes in the field.
  4. For races up to and including 400 metres, this age group restriction will not apply.  Events run above 400 metres and not in lanes will continue to have current age group restrictions applied for the protection of younger athletes.
  5. Record/age group best performances for events up to and including 400 metres will only be considered when a fully automated timing device has been used for timing.  Where hand-timed performances stand as records/age group bests, they shall remain until they are surpassed after which, only performances with fully automated timing will be accepted.
  6. For all outdoor records/age group best performances up to and including 200m, and in the horizontal jumps, information as to wind conditions must be available.  If the wind reading is recorded at more than 2 metres per second or not available, the performance will not be accepted for record or age group best purposes (with the exception of CE – see below).  
  7. Championship best performances are generally accepted whether wind assisted or not.
  8. The wind limit for Combined Events is based on the average wind reading for all those events for which a wind reading is required (sprints, hurdles, horizontal jumps). The average must not exceed 2 metres per second.
  9. No performance will be accepted in an individual event unless it has been accomplished during a licensed competition with a minimum of three competitors taking part. For relays, at least two teams must have participated in any relay race for a record or age group best to be considered.
  10. Performances set in handicap events will not be acceptable.
  11. For outdoor track records, the track must be no longer than 400m in circumference.  For indoor records, the maximum allowable circumference is 200m.
  12. Performances will be accepted from meetings of all license levels provided that the Track & Field Committee is satisfied that sufficient officials of an appropriate level were present.