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Sialens Y Barcud Coch inc Welsh Trail Running Championships (Long)


30th April 2022 

The Red Kite Challenge will incorporate the Welsh Trail Running Championships (Long) in 2022


  • Juniors/Walkers start from 11:00 
  • 10k + H/M starts at 13:00 

LOCATION: Devil’s Bridge 


  • Dic Evans  
  • 07773 435073‬ 


  • Juniors - £8 
  • Walkers - £8 
  • 10k - £18 
  • H/M - £20 

Juniors - The junior athletes have to be of secondary school age. Categories include U13, U15, U17 and U20s. The latter run with the 10k runners in the open event. Specific races held for U13, U15 and U17s over distancs ranging from 2.8km to 6.4km on a hilly, lapped course along farm tracks and across fields. 

Walkers - These will follow the running route. Those doing the 10km will break off part way (as the 10km runners will do) while those doing the half marathon walk will continue along the full loop. 

10k - This is a recent addition in response to feedback from the running community. We wanted to provide the shorter option for people relatively new to running or new to running off road who wanted to make the step to 10k before doing the half marathon. This event, which follows much of the half marathon route, proved very successful. 

H/M - This is a testing 13.1 miles starting at the caravan site meandering its way up to the Arch. On the way you will negotiate several steep hills in the forest and plenty of ups and downs on forest roads, tracks and trails. After visiting the highest point near the Cefn Croes windfarm you will work your way down to the famous Arch. From there you will climb to the viewpoint before a predominantly downward section back to Devil’s Bridge. Be warned – near the end there are some stiff ‘ups’ to test tired legs. 

Website can be found here

Selection poilcy for the WMRA International U18 Mountain Running Cup can be found here