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Commonwealth Programme


This level of the pathway is for athletes with a focus on making the 2022 Commonwealth Games and has two tiers:

  • TIER 1: COMMONWEALTH GAMES ATHLETE supports senior athletes who are likely to represent Wales at the next Commonwealth Games with a probability of winning a medal or achieving a top-6 finish. These athletes are also likely to be GB internationals challenging for major games places.


  • TIER 2: COMMONWEALTH GAMES POTENTIAL supports a range of senior athletes from those who will be challenging for Commonwealth Games selection, to those on the cusp of making finals and challenging for medals.
  • Direct Financial contribution to help with their individual athlete plan and coach development.
  • Funded training camps and international competition opportunities
  • Objective measures of technical and physical abilities to provide insight and interventions to enable development e.g. DEXA Scans, Bloods, Physiotherapy -subject to individual athlete plan
  • Multi-Disciplinary Team + review meetings based around individual athlete plans and integration with Personal Coach and NTDC
  • Organised training days and camps with education programme which ensures athletes & coaches are provided with the knowledge and tools to realise their potential.
  • Access to performance support services.
  • Access to performance training environments.

Tolerance tables for access to the Commonwealth Programme are presented below and are based a within ~5% of Commonwealth Games ‘A’ standard – a metric based on achieving a Top 6 performance.