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Athlete Overview

Athlete Development Pathway

The ultimate ambition is for Welsh athletes to compete & perform to their best at the Commonwealth Games and represent British Athletics at global championships, by consistently transitioning athletes through the performance pathway. Each athlete in receipt of support is required to sign an athlete agreement that includes the expectations of them as a supported athlete and also what they can access from Welsh Athletics. Support is reviewed annually. The levels, and how they link together, are shown below:

This document sets out the entry and exit points for each of these stages so athletes, their parents, and coaches can see clearly what they need to do to help athletes progress. We are working on and will publish a complementary document in due course detailing how we will be delivering our Coach Development Programme.

More information is available via the ‘Development & Performance’ section of our website

Click here for full PDF of Athlete Development Progamme.


  1. Invest in athlete and coach development structures
  2. Develop excellence – a focus on long term athlete and coach development
  3. Create Excellent training and performance environments
  4. Ensure Wales is represented at every Global and European Championships
  5. Increase the visibility of our senior athletes
  6. Deliver World-Class Events that showcase our sport throughout Wales and the rest of the World
  7. Increase the number of top 6 performances at the Commonwealth Games
  8. Bring Athletics to a wider domestic audience
  • the number of coaches engaging with Regional and National Development Programmes
  • Percentage of athletes competing at the Commonwealth Games achieving personal best performances
  • the number of Senior GB vests secured each season
  • the number of finalists at all age groups in British Championships


We will also establish 3 Regional Performance Development Hubs in collaboration with British Athletics and key University partners. This document lays out the philosophy and the approach that we will take to deliver this Athlete Development Programme and achieve these aims.

There are 3 areas of focus:

  • Performance
  • Performance environment
  • Developing Performance

We will build our programme on a strong, and ever improving, understanding of what it takes to succeed. The programme will put athletes and coaches at the centre, with support and education wrapped around them by professional practitioners within a multi-disciplinary team. Minimising the number of athlete training days lost to injury and illness through developing robust, resilient athletes, is seen as key”