Disability Sport Wales: Visual Impairment Awareness Training

Event Start: 30/03/2023 10:00
Event Ends: 30/03/2023 15:30

This workshop will demonstrate the importance of providing inclusive physical activity opportunities for people with a visual impairment.

British Blind Sport believe that everyone has the right to participate in a sport of their choice. However, there are many barriers to overcome to allow those with a visual impairment to have the same opportunities as sighted people.

Coaches and volunteers play an important role in developing recreational activities across the country. We want to ensure that they have the knowledge to create an inclusive and accessible sporting environment for people with sight loss.

Therefore, this workshop is aimed to support the delivery of sporting sessions, through the provision of support and guidance on how to include people with sight loss.

Suitable for anyone involved in the delivery of physical activity (including sport).

Refreshments included.

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