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WSAA Executive Bulletin – May 2021

11/05/2021 00:00, In Blog / Club Notice Board / School News /

Please be aware of the following items which were AGREED at the Executive Meeting held on Saturday, April 17th. and the SIAB Meeting held on Saturday, April 24th. Following these, extensive consultation with school PE staff, School District Officers and Welsh Athletics colleagues have allowed us to arrive at an events programme for Summer 2021 which will not require the release of either staff or students from schools.  The Officers of WSAA would like to express thanks to all who attended and contributed to the meetings particularly our teaching colleagues.

Diary Dates.

It is with deep regret that athletes, parents, coaches, and School Districts are advised that the following competitions due to be held before the end of the Summer Term in 2021 are CANCELLED:

  • WSAA National T&F Championships – Saturday, July 3rd. (Brecon)
  • NASUWT Cup & Plate Final – Wednesday, July 7th. (Brecon)

School Districts are also advised that ALL planned competition opportunities scheduled for this term should be CANCELLED. This does NOT include any VIRTUAL COMPETITION that School Districts have planned.  

Additional Decisions Taken.

It was AGREED that the WSAA Summer event program would now consist of the following events:

  • WSAA SIAB Trial (Invitational) - Saturday, July 3rd (Brecon)
  • SIAB T & F – Saturday, September 25th. (Derby)


This will be by Invitation based on Power of 10 rankings on Monday, June 28th. Events will be straight finals with numbers in each event to comply with restrictions at that time. Athletes, parents, teachers, and coaches are advised of the following:

  • Invites will be confined to those in school years 10 & 11 (ie the Under 17 age group).
  • Athletes will compete in one event only.
  • Athletes are asked to plan their competition programs so that they appear on Power of 10 by the deadline date.
  • Timetable to be made available following WSAA Executive meeting (June 11th.).

It is important to stress that there will be no Inter-District competition, and since the event will NOT be an official WSAA Championships, no medals will be awarded. Athletes will need to compete in the vest of their school.  

Schools’ athletes who are not members of Welsh Athletics clubs are asked to contact WSAA URGENTLY so that they can be registered giving eligibility to compete at qualifying events – please email with details of event/s and personal best performances.

SIAB T & F – Selection Criteria

Please be aware of the following:

  • Selection will be limited to those on the role of a school in Wales during Summer Term 2021.
  • Selection will be limited to athletes in year 10 or 11 during Summer Term 2021.
  • First place in the Trial event (July 3rd) guarantees selection.
  • Additional athletes in each event will be decided from the Power of 10 rankings on Wednesday, September 8th. (1 per event).
  • Relay teams will be selected based on Power of 10 rankings on Wednesday, September 8th.
  • Athletes who have left full-time education at the end of Summer Term (OR moved to full-time education in England) will remain eligible for selection.
  • The athlete’s results will show the school attended in Summer Term 2021.


Steve Jones

WSAA Support Officer

(Acting General Secretary)

May 10th. 2021