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UK wide Volunteer Survey

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01/06/2023 00:00, In Blog / Club Notice Board /

To tie in with Volunteers Week 2023, UK Athletics and the Home Country Athletics Federations (Athletics Northern Ireland, England Athletics, Scottish Athletics and Welsh Athletics) are today launching a UK wide Volunteer Survey in order to gain a greater understanding of the volunteers across all areas of the sport.

Since the end of the pandemic, anecdotal evidence suggests volunteers within the sport are feeling and experiencing increasing pressures and challenges related to the activities that they carry out on a regular basis. As a sport that relies so heavily on volunteers, and a wide-ranging volunteer workforce, in order for the sport to thrive we need to ensure that we continue to strive to ensure that all volunteers feel valued and have a positive sense of wellbeing.

Working collaboratively, once completed, we anticipate that this survey will help lead us to a greater understanding of the challenges faced by volunteers within the sport and allow us (as a collective) to look to enhance and develop the support we provide at all levels.

The survey is being conducted independently, is designed, administered and ethically approved by the University of Gloucestershire and will be available until 1st September 2023.

We welcome all those that currently volunteer and play a role in the delivery of athletics across the UK, as well as those that no longer volunteer, to undertake the survey and help shape the future of the sport.

Click here to complete the survey