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Team Announcement - Trafford 10k

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07/02/2023 00:00, In Blog / Club Notice Board / Road /

7 Athletes have been chosen to represent Wales at the Trafford 10k on Sunday the 5 of March!

Steve Mitchell, National Talent Development Coordinator - Endurance at Welsh Athletics said:

We are very excited to be sending a very strong Welsh team to the Trafford 10km. The Trafford 10km is one of the fastest 10km races in the UK and provides Welsh athletes the opportunity to compete against some of the best athletes in the UK as well as teams representing the North of England, South of England, England Midlands and the UKAF. We wish our selected athletes the best of luck.

Senior Women

Athlete Club Coach
Anna Bracegirdle Salford Harriers James Thie
Sophie Pikett Herne Hill Harriers Steve Phillips
Beth Kidger Brighton Phoenix Joel Kidger

Senior Men

Athlete Club Coach
Andrew Davies Stockport N/A
Michael Ward Cardiff AC Luke Gunn
Paul Graham Pontypridd Roadents Rob Hawkins
James Heneghan Pontypridd James Thie

Team Manager

Name Club
Bernie Jones Chesire Dragons
Beccy Nuttall N/A