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Cybi Striders Virtual Relay

27/05/2020 00:00, In Blog / Club Notice Board /

On Saturday 23rd May, Cybi Striders hosted a virtual Relay, with 56 runners split into teams of 4 with each team consisting of our fastest runners to C25K graduates to make it fair.

Cybi Striders latest event was a virtual Relay which saw 56 members split into teams of 4, running for 15 minutes each to see which team could go the furthest. Teams were seeded so as to keep the results close. Using social media and Strava runners were able to encourage and see how everyone was doing. Details were shared over the weekend via their Facebook page and more virtual challenges are planned.

PASS the Baton were the early leaders and stayed there for most of the day, until Team 6 runner Sue Jones ran the final leg and propelled them into the lead. Almost Meatloaf and The Whippets moved into 2nd and 3rd place, with just 2 runners left to run, Ian Mulligan (Team 5) and Rhi Willmot (Team 12). Willmot was the next to post a distance of 3943 meters, (2.45 miles) which was just 2 meters behind The Whippets. It was now down to Ian to see what he could do. Surprisingly Mulligan ran the same distance as Willmot and put Team 5 into second place. All runners had a great time and we have other events planned. 

Well done to Cybi Striders for this engaging way of keeping their members involved, some great performances #Supportyourclub