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Age Group Webinars

Junior boys athletes competing in the 60m sprint indoors.

16/02/2024 00:00, In Blog / Club Notice Board /

Following UK Athletics’ decision to approve proposals made by the Home Countries Athletics Federations (HCAFs) to amend age groups, we are pleased to confirm the next step in the process to implement these changes.

Welsh Athletics are supporting England Athletics to host a series of three webinars, focusing on the topics on which we have received feedback from athletes, parents and other stakeholders since the decision was announced.

The webinar dates, times, and audience groupings are listed below, and each one will provide attendees with an outline of how we see the process evolving between now and the date that the changes come into effect: April 1, 2026, with specific regard to them.

  • Monday, March 25th: Athletes and parents (7.30-9:00 pm) Register here
  • Tuesday, March 26th: Coaches (8:00-9.30 pm) Register here
  • Wednesday, March 27th: Club officers/competition providers/officials (7.30-9:00 pm) Register here

Welsh Athletics CEO, James Williams shared:

We are committed to continuing to engage the sport and to ensure that the transition to the new age groups is as smooth as possible. The webinars will enable us to have focused sessions with the key groups and begin to clarify what the sport will look like post April 2026, but also an opportunity to continue to understand what our athletes expect from the sport going forward.

We would love to see as many Welsh athletes, coaches, clubs, and parents engage with these webinars and help shape the future of the sport.