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Welsh Athletics Officials Heading to Scotland for the World Indoor Championships

Sue Hooper an Official starting a race indoors

01/03/2024 00:00, In Blog /

The 19th edition of the World Athletics Indoor Championships will head to Glasgow this weekend, and five Welsh Athletics Officials will be making their way to Scotland. 

Sue Maughan, Dave Jessett, Sue Hooper, Becky Bell and Amy Price will be among some of the top athletes in the world working as Competition Directors, Field Event Referee, Field Judges and Starter Assistant. 

Zoe Holloway, Welsh Athletics Official and Volunteer Co-Ordinator said:

Congratulations to all 5 Welsh officials selected for the World Indoor Championships in Glasgow this weekend, it is fantastic to see Welsh officials operating at the highest level of the sport. I hope this will inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

We caught up with four of the officials to capture their reactions:

Sue Maughan shared:

It's great that the UK is hosting another world championship and I'm absolutely delighted to have been selected to be part of this event in Glasgow in March, but this time in a different role. Whilst I'm sad that I won't be on the field of play covering field events this time round, so no #spotsue opportunities, but I'm excited to have been selected as Competition Director, providing me with a bird's eye view of everything that is taking place.

Sue Hooper responded:: 

I am proud and excited to be selected as one of the Officials at the forthcoming World Indoor Championships and looking forward to it as a representative of Welsh Athletics Officials.

Dave Jessett added: 

I am honoured to be officiating at the World Indoor Championships in Glasgow, where I will be one of the Field Event Referees. This being the first of a number of major competitions for me this year, including being an ITO at the Para World Championships in Kobe, Japan; WPA Technical Delegate at the London Marathon; Nottwil Grand Prix and Paris Paralympic Games.

Becky Bell said: 

I’m so excited to be officiating at the World Indoor Championships in Glasgow. My first major event to officiate at was the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham and it was an indescribable experience so I’m hoping that this will be an equally amazing event! It is great to see so many local officials being selected and representing Wales in so many different roles at these championships!

Good luck to all five officials. If you are interested in finding out more about officiating click here.