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Welsh Athletics - Masters Advisory Group

26/02/2021 00:00, In Blog /

Over sixty percent of athletes registered in Wales fall in the ‘Master’ age category and therefore Welsh Athletics are keen to ensure that the views of all master athletes in Wales are heard effectively and that Masters Athletics has a more prominent place within Welsh Athletics.

A new Masters Advisory Group has been established to be the voice of Master Athletics in Wales and includes the following people, all of whom are master athletes:

  • Lee Aherne  -  Parc Bryn Bach
  • Jacqueline Brace  -  Welsh Athletics
  • Helen-Marie Davies   -   Swansea
  • Rod Davies  -  Welsh Masters
  • Jo Donnelly  -  Stoke
  • Bernie Jones  -  Wrexham
  • Simon Lewis   -   Pontypridd
  • Ali Whitelaw  -   Wrexham

The Group is keen to see each Club appoint a Masters Liaison Officer so that we can effectively communicate with master athletes across Wales and try and ensure that Welsh Athletics are able to provide the best opportunities and support for master athletes. Despite over 60% of Welsh registered athletes being masters, Welsh Masters Athletics Limited only has about 400 registered master athletes and we are therefore keen to hear especially from those who are not members of Welsh Masters and what they are looking for from Welsh Athletics.

In addition to being the voice of master athletics in Wales, the Group’s priorities over the initial period will be to oversee the allocation of endurance championships and develop international opportunities on the road. We have many talented master athletes in Wales and want to ensure that they have the opportunity to continue to compete at the highest level after their senior running careers.

We are keen to hear YOUR views. If you know one of the Group members, they will be delighted to hear from you and ascertain your views on how Welsh Athletics can improve the offer to master athletes. Equally, we are very keen to hear how master athletes have coped during the Covid pandemic and your confidence levels for returning to running and athletics in the coming weeks and what support you require.

Alternatively, you can email Bernie Jones with your views, ideas, and suggestions at

View minutes from latest meeting: Masters Advisory Group 24.2.21