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Weekend Round Up

14/09/2020 00:00, In Blog /

PTS Meeting

Swansea man Joe Brier bounces back to winning form after a very well judged race in Slovakia over the 400m, winning in 46.61 a week after his perfomace at the British Championships in Manchester where he came 5th in 47.29.

Full resutls here:

Antrim Coast Half Marathon

We had two incredible runs from two of our athletes at the Antrium Coast Half Marathon where Clara Evans (who won in 2017) finished on the podium in a new PB of 72:21. The second performance came from Josh Griffiths (who won in 2019) who finished 6th also in a new PB of 63:12!

Full results here:

ISTAF Berlin

In Berlin, the athlete who is showing now signs of slowing down ran another great race. Melissa Courtney-Bryant came 4th in Berlin over the 1500m in  4:02.34, finishing just behind Laura Muir and Laura Weightman.

Ful results here:

Junior Sprints Open

In a quick change of events the Junior Sprints Open was moved to Cardiff Internation Stadium (Leckwith) due to current Covid-19 restrictions. However the athletes still came to show off the hard work they have been putting in! In the 100m, the top 5 performances came from Benjamin Parker (U15B) running 12.15, King Musa (U15B) running 12.37, Nell Desir (U13G) running 12.54, Jessica Lee (U15G) running 12.61 and Evan Cole (U15B) running 12.64.

In the 200m, the top 5 performances came from, Jack O'Brien (U15B) running 26.85, Lucy Wintle (U15G) running 27.15, Olivia Gilliespe (U15G) running 27.23, Evan Morris (U15B) running 27.28 and Sean Hopkins (U15B) running 27.63.

Full results here: