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The Coaching landscape in Wales

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13/05/2019 00:00, In Blog /

Recently appointed Zoe Brown, Coach Development Coordinator, has a  remit is to support Coaches in Wales across all disciplines to access relevant development opportunities - these coaches may be at the beginning of his or her journey or a coach is working with developing athletes from age groups to senior ranks. We asked our dedicated coaching community to take part in a survey earlier this year in order to understand the coaching landscape within Athletics in Wales - a summary of the feedback is now available and will inform how we work together to take coaching in Wales forward.



More visits to us to see what might be needed to help. Regular communication. Flexibility in understanding not one coaching style fits ideas.

To start tackling the challenge of Communication, we’ve invested in a online newsletter tool to assist us in providing regular, relevant & engaging updates to you, Click here to sign up for this , our new Coaching Newsletter which will launch at the start of June to coincide with UK Coaching Week [3-9th June].