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New Run Leader Refresher Workshop

12/05/2021 00:00, In Blog /

Welsh Athletics is committed to supporting existing leaders to continue to develop their knowledge, skills, and confidence when delivering sessions in their running clubs and groups. In an unprecedented year of groups not being able to run together due to Covid restrictions, and leaders not having the opportunity to practically embed their skills, we have created a workshop designed to be a ‘refresher’ for qualified Leaders in Running Fitness.

The workshop will cover information, and content, that will have been introduced throughout the LiRF qualification, as well as expand on and extend to content that may well be new. Delivered via a virtual classroom, the overall aim of the workshop is to increase knowledge and confidence for Run Leaders across Wales. The 2-hour session is designed to be interactive and informative, giving participants an opportunity to reconnect with best-practice ideas for delivering effective running sessions. This workshop is also suitable for inactive/unlicensed leaders who want to get back to delivering sessions for a club or group near them.

Topics covered and reviewed include;

  • The Role of a Leader
  • Athlete Development Model
  • Plan – Do – Review Process
  • Session Plan Summary
  • Principles of a RAMP Warm Up and Cool Down
  • Session Planning & Components of Fitness
  • Best Practice ‘How 2’ and ‘What 2’ Skills
  • Using the STEP principle
  • Barriers to Participation
  • Next Steps on the Run Leader journey


  • Re-visit key topics covered during the LiRF qualification
  • Develop a wider understanding of the role of a Run Leader
  • Improve and increase confidence in the delivery of running and walking activities
  • Develop a further understanding of how to deliver well-structured and engaging running and activities
  • Engage with a network of like-minded individuals and share in best practice ideas and discuss challenges around delivering to mixed ability groups etc

Pre-Course Information:

The candidates will have received pre-course information to familiarise themselves with the workshop content and prompt any questions around key themes that they would like to ask during the workshop

Pre-requisites: Having attended a previous Leadership in Running Fitness course or be LiRF qualified

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: £20

To book this workshop on the 9th June (7 -9 pm) please click here. To book the workshop on June 22nd click here.