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New Cross Country Licensing standards

12/09/2019 00:00, In Blog / Cross Country /

The Home Countries including Welsh Athletics, have been working with UK Athletics to establish a new set of Licence Standards to be used in conjunction with all cross-country races. These set of standards has been developed to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all those participating in Cross Country events.


The introduction of the standards brings Cross Country in line with Road Races who already have a set of standards that all competition providers must adhere to assisting in producing a successful event.


Many of the items required will not come as a surprise to event organisers and the vast majority of these will already be in place. As with road, there will be the need for an Event Adjudicator at all licensed cross-country events to ensure that the Licence Standards are upheld.


In addition, a new regulation for the 2019-2020 cross country season, will mean that all Cross Country Series’ will be required to become Competition Providers and apply for the event licence. The host club will no longer be able to apply on behalf of the series due to GDPR regulations.


A link to the new set of standards can be found here.


A link to the Cross Country Event Organisation Guide can be found here