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02/11/2020 00:00, In Blog /

It's the final week of the #MADFirebreakChallenge! We hope you enjoyed your rest day and that you're full of energy and ready to start the week strong!

Last week we reached over 250,000 of you which is a staggering number. We are so happy that we've been able to engage with our community and have you all share how much fun you've had over the past week!

Today we are calling all sports to get involved with the Sports United Mile!! We all know how important it is to get active today is an opportunity to complete your Mile in a club kit from any sport of your choice! – why not try and dribble a football, hockey ball, bounce tennis ball on a racket, box your way Rocky style, etc for a mile.

We hope that you all continue to have as much fun as you have been this week!

Here are a few photo of the fun that some members in our community have been having.


Photos above by Barry Edwards - Club Development Manager - North West Wales

Photo above: Tiana on her muddy and wet 9k Halloween run!