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Are your ready to represent West Wales?

18/03/2021 00:00, In Blog /

We're looking for a young person to represent West Wales on our Junior Athlete Voice panel.

Junior Athlete Voice is a panel we've established to give young people in our sport the opportunity to share their thoughts and experiences with us. Its made up of 7 athletes aged between 15-19 from across Wales. The Junior Athlete Voice is an opportunity for young athletes to shape our sport and opens up a much-needed line of communication between athletes and Welsh Athletics, particularly those that make decisions. It allows us to listen to the needs of young athletes, to ensure that they have the best experience possible in our sport, which hopefully will encourage them to stay active in the sport either in an athlete, official, or coaching capacity.

About The Role:
•We’re looking for a young athlete from West Wales, aged 15-19, to become part of our Junior Athlete Voice.
•The Junior Athlete Voice provides an opportunity for young people across athletics in Wales to voice their opinions & thoughts on our sport.
•As part of the forum you will help to shape initiatives across Wales.
•You will recognise, promote and advocate young people within athletics in Wales.
•You will be invited to attend meetings with other members of the Junior Athlete Voice and Welsh Athletics Staff
If you'd like to talk to someone about this opportunity please contact or 
How To Apply: Click here.
Application Form: Click here.