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Equality& Diversity Membership Survey is LIVE

31/01/2020 00:00, In Blog /

The sport in Wales continues to grow significantly and we are looking for ways to improve delivery and support for our developing membership. We wish to understand the diverse population involved in athletics and their experiences. In this survey, we will be asking some questions about you, and also about your physical activity level and participation in the sport.

We encourage you to complete as many questions as you can as every response give us further insight into the profile of our sport across Wales. Your views will help us shape many of our programmes over the coming years, as we aim to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to participate and enjoy the sport. The survey results will also help us explore new initiatives to attract a more diverse membership, which will further enhance the development of our clubs and groups.

The survey is completely confidential, and we do not ask for your contact details unless you wish to share them. Responses will be collated into a report which will help us develop the level of support and services we offer. We will store your information securely and in line with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998.

Read more about our commitment to Equality & Diversity

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey and for your ongoing support of the sport across Wales

James Williams, Interim Chief Executive

If you have any questions about the survey please contact James Williams