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Clean Sport week

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23/05/2022 00:00, In Blog /

This week is UKAD's Clean Sport Week - an annual focus on what is a year round, ongoing area of work for us to educate and support athletes and the wider community to be aware and fully up to date with all anti-doping requirements.

“…. The Assurance Framework is the primary mechanism through which NGBs demonstrate to UKAD their compliance with the Policy. The Assurance Framework outlines a number of mandatory requirements and provides NGBs with clear instructions on how they can meet them.”


As an National Governing Body, we've been working hard to ensure we are fully compliant with the Assurance Framework including the following actions:

  1. All Staff members and team support staff completed UKAD Clean sport online education.
  2. All Programme athletes completed UKAD Online education.
  3. All athlete members of teams ‘21/’22 completed UKAD online education.
  4. All National Development Programme athletes received an online Nutrition session focused on 'Food First in February 2022 and completed Clean sport workshops in March.
  5. All Commonwealth Games shortlisted athletes are currently undergoing Birmingham 2022 Clean sport sessions.
  6. All Commonwelath Games Team staff and athletes will complete a further ‘Clean Games’ session before the holding camp

More details and links to the different resources availabe can be found on our Clean Sport page