Are you up for the M.A.D Firebreak Challenge??

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Welsh Athletics ‘Mile-A-Day’ (MAD) Firebreak Challenge / Milltir Y Dydd

During this firebreak, residents of Wales will see their day-to-day activities severely limited.  One of the few reasons which we will be actively encouraged to leave our house for is exercise. We are calling the nation to demonstrate how important exercise is in our daily lives for both their mental and physical wellbeing and take on our Mile-A-Day Firebreak Challenge!

“Getting out and being active if we can, is so important for us all right now, and so is having some fun! Hopefully this challenge will allow people to do both.”

James Williams, Chief Executive of Welsh Athletics

How to get involved

Starting on Monday 26th October, walk, jog, run or push a mile each day during the Firebreak Lockdown, following the theme for each day.  It doesn’t even really have to be a mile – you can go further if you want- we just want to encourage as many people as possible to be active during this period and beyond. Lookout for some of Wales' top athletes and a few special guests getting involved too!



We’ve created a special event number for you to download, print off and wear. Just add your name and tick off each day as you complete them, can you do all 13 miles ?! or you could get creative with some paper and felt tips and make your own.

Share your success

Let us know you’ve done your mile through social media using the hashtag below & send us a picture of you & your household doing your daily exercise. Tag @WelshAthletics and/or @RunWales in your posts so we can see and share what you’ve been up to.





26th Oct

Warm Up Mile

Do your first Mile of the firebreak period.  Walk, jog, run, push, hop, skip or crawl; it doesn’t matter how you do it just get out and get active. Record your time if you like to give yourself a time to beat further down the line!!

27th Oct

Pink Mile

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. T-Shirt, Hoodie, Shoes or Coat – just complete your Mile wearing something pink!

28th Oct

Family Mile / All Together Mile

Do your Mile with another member of your household. Will it be a nice relaxing pace enjoying the company or a race to the finish? Be careful this one could get competitive!!

29th Oct

Uphill Mile

Maybe explore a new route? Get out and see how much elevation you can gain in one Mile.

30th Oct

Medley Mile

Complete your Mile using a medley of methods:
 hopping, skipping, jumping, sideways and backwards! Can you create your own ways to move through this mile? 

31st Oct

Pumpkin Mile

Happy Halloween – ‘Creep it real’ by doing your Mile with an item of Halloween Fancy Dress, don’t forget to share your ghouly pics!

1st Nov

Rest – Sofa Shuffle

6 miles completed, amazing! Time to rest and reflect on how great it felt to get out there and move your body ?

2nd Nov

Sports United Mile

Calling all sports!! We all know how important it is to get active today is an opportunity to complete your Mile in a club kit from any sport of your choice! – why not try and dribble a football, hockey ball, bounce tennis ball on a racket, box your way Rocky style, etc for a mile

3rd Nov

Muddy Mile

Get messy, do your Mile off the road - on the trails, in the woods, on the grass! The muddier the better!

4th Nov

Double Mile

Double Up! Try to complete 2 miles and explore a new route!


5th Nov

Circuits Mile 

It’s time to sparkle, introduce some circuit activities to your mile – e.g. complete a quarter of a mile then do 10 press ups, complete another quarter of a mile then do 20 squats etc.. If you spot any fireworks along the way perhaps celebrate by doing a star jump!

6th Nov

Walking Mile

Race walk your Mile! Time to get those hips moving, either complete it as fast as you can or with as many different walking styles as possible.

7th Nov

Speed Mile

Test yourself - can you beat your first Mile time?


They’ll be reminders each day via social media and our websites, so you’ll have no excuse not to get involved!