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A Wonderful One Thousand

31/07/2020 00:00, In Blog /

This week marks a significant milestone of 1000 attendees to one, or more, of our Stay Involved Series Webinars! Welsh Athletics would like to thank everyone who presented, co-hosted and of course attended one of our 21 webinars over the last 3 months. It has been a challenging time for everyone in these unprecedented times and the interest in the Series has been fantastic.


We have made a significant effort to support our coaches and wider membership during this period. The level of engagement seen on our webinar series has been superb, I have no doubt that this method of engagement will be part of our offer post COVID.

We set out our commitment to support and develop our coaches as part of our strategy, our volunteer community are the lifeblood of our sport, and we are determined to invest in this area long term.

My thanks to the staff and all the guest contributors for all their hard work and dedication during this period.

I hope you will all continue to engage with our webinars in the weeks ahead


Welsh Athletics CEO - James Williams 


The Stay Involved Series is continuing until the end of August. A full listing of the 10 webinars to come including; An Introduction to Disability Inclusion,The Physiology of Endurance Running, How to program: Session Design  and 8 week ( mesocycle) development period planning for developing athletes, can be found on the Welsh Athletics events page.

Moving into the autumn there will a streamlined webinar offer across the Event Groups and other key themes. If at any point you have missed one of the webinars, please head to the Welsh Athletics Youtube Channel and click on the webinar playlist where to can review all of the up to date content.