Timetable and Key Note Speaker Announced

The provisional timetable for the 2017 Welsh Athletics Officials and Race Organisers Conference has been released.

The conference will be opened with a keynote address from world renowned official Dave Jessett. Dave has had a standout year, the pinnacle of which saw him becoming the Competition Director at the 2017 IAAF World Athletics Championships in London. This role entailed overseeing the entire championships from an officiating perspective, and Dave will share his experiences and learning from this prestigious event. This year, Dave was also named the Sport Wales’ Hero of the Month for August. 

In addition to this address there will be a number of updates and opportunities throughout the day for both Endurance officials and Track & Field Officials alike. There will be an update on the Welsh Athletics Officials Mentoring Programme (which has been piloted with a number of Track & Field Officials) which will include how this will be developed and extended to our Endurance Officials. 

The endurance specific workshops will look at the requirements for the issuing of a race licence. The Licensing Standards set by RunBritain and Welsh Athletics will be looked at and fleshed out as the minimum requirements to gain a licence for an endurance event. In addition there will be a workshop session on completing Risk Assessments with examples to ensure Race Organisers can identify and minimise risk as well as clearly exemplifying to key partners and licensing bodies that proceedures and processes are all in place.

As UK licensing standards move forwards, there will be an increased demand for Event Adjudicators at key races. With this in mind, there will be a workshop session dedicated to looking at the differences between the role of Race Referee and Event Adjudicator. Historically in Wales there has been a need for Race Referees to be present at all races with many referees fulfilling the role of both Event Adjudicator and Race Referee simultaneously. 

From a Track & Field perspective, there will be a number of opportunities throughout the day to help current officials, of all levels, with their development. A Call Room Workshop will be provided outlining key duties and detailing how to effectively run and operate a competition Call Room. There will be a session outlining the process of upgrading and accreditation by an assessor which will look to provide detailed guidance for those officials looking to upgrade and progress through the qualifications pathway. In addition to the workshop programme, the afternoon session will include an opportunity to gain a formal qualification in Photo-finish with the chance to then be a part of the Photo-finish team Welsh Athletics Junior Open on Sunday 3rd December (non-compulsory).

A copy of the provisional timetable can be found here. A full line up of presenters and a final timetable will be released shortly. 

To book a place at the 2017 Welsh Athletics Officials and Race Organisers Conference please click here or alternatively email Tom Marley to secure your place directly. 

As part of the #inspiredby2017 programme, places at this conference will be offered free of charge with lunch and refreshments throughout the day provided. The conference will also be an opportunity to network and share experiences ahead of the forthcoming busy competition period. 

Officials and Race Organisers Conference 2017

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