From entry point to world-level officiating, Officials follow a similar pathway to those enjoyed by athletes and coaches. Welsh Athletics offer courses structured to navigate new officials through the first two levels of the pathway.


Assistant Official

The Assistant Official award is a 2-3 hour course that focuses on what officials do when assisting at an event. The course will outline the preparation required prior to an event, as well as the actions that are required during and following an event. The course covers the basic principles of officiating, including measuring for distance and height as well as timekeeping and starting.

Length: 2-3 hours

Cost: £Free


Level 1 - Track & Field Technical Official

Successful completion of the Level 1 Award for Technical Officials (Track and Field) will enable individuals to work with other qualified officials, acting as a lead official and supporting assistant officials, whilst judging at athletics events.

The course will help to:

  • gain knowledge
  • develop skills
  • apply rules in officiating in athletics

Course format

The course is made up by a generic module (2 hours), followed by the requirement to specialise in a specific discipline (2 hours) [these are usually done at the same time]:

  • Track Judge
  • Field Judge
  • Time keeper
  • Starter / Marksman

During and following the course, attending individuals will be asked to record their experiences and undertake practical assessments of their skills. All practical experiences at athletics events should be recorded in the Official’s Log Book, which will be used as part of the final assessment.

Generic Module

The generic module will familiarise the applicant with, and help to plan, his or her way through the course. The course will introduce the individual to judging; help recognise the skills and qualities of a good official and help develop those skills. Importantly, this element develops an awareness of the importance of Health and Safety and helps the applicant to undertake a Health and Safety risk assessment.

Track Judge, Timekeeper, Field Judge, Starter / Marksman

These discipline specific modules are designed to help future officials to recognise specific qualities required of officials working in these disciplines. Applicants will also learn about equipment requirements, where the officials operate from at the venue, what they are expected to do and how to successfully plan, deliver and complete the role.

All of the modules are interactive and they are designed to help officials apply new knowledge and skills in practice, either through workshops and discussion, or through practical drills.

Length: 3-4 hours


Generic: £Free
Discipline Specific: £Free


Level 1 – Endurance Officials

Cost: £Free

Following attendance at this course, candidates will have knowledge and understanding in the following areas:

  • Appropriate attire/equipment
  • How endurance officials operate at road and cross country races.
  • The requisite skills to be an endurance official
  • The key officials who operate at an endurance event and their responsibilities
  • Knowledge and application of rules
  • Relationship with other officials
  • Relationship with athletes
  • The tools to do the job
  • The endurance officials pathway – what is init for me
  • A working knowledge of the start, finish and course of an endurance event.

Following completion of the course candidates will then be required to operate under the supervision of a qualified technical official and submit log book records to gain a formal technical officials qualification at the following sub-levels:

Level 1 – officials who have attended the Level 1 course and have four recognised experiences at an endurance event in their log book will progress to Level 1.

Level 2 – officials who have studied two compulsory modules:

  • Sector Marshals
  • Results/ Recording (Laps/Times/Finish)

And one from the following:-

  • Race Referee/Race Judge
  • Start/Finish Director (Basic)
  • Race Director (Basic) 
  • Clerk of Course/Course Director
  • And show a further six successful experiences in their log book will progress to become a Level 2 official.

Level 3 – officials who have studied the three remaining modules from the following

  • Race Referee/Race Judge
  • Start/Finish Director (Basic)
  • Race Director (Basic)
  • Clerk of Course/Course Director
  • and who show a further 10 successful experiences in their log book plus one positive report on their competence will progress to become a Level 3 official.

Risk Awareness

Cost: £Free

Following attendance at this course candidates will have knowledge and understanding in the following areas:

  • Reasons for undertaking a risk assessment
  • Risk Awareness methodology and content
  • Identify hazards, risks and how to control them
  • Who is at risk from an event
  • Who is responsible for Risk Awareness and who needs to be involved
  • Appreciation of the production of a Risk Assessment document
  • Timetable for the production of a Risk Assessment
  • Practical considerations in the production of Risk Assessment

Photo Finish 

Cost: £Free

Following attendance at this course candidates will have a knowledge and understanding of these areas:

  • Outline of the role of an operator as part of photo finish team 
  • Basic rules and equipment are described
  • Information regarding different tasks within the photo finish team 
  • Lynx software
  • The course is mainly of a practical/involvement level to suit new Officials in this discipline (knowledge of Word or Excel beneficial) 

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