Regional Athletic Councils

For administrative purposes Wales is divided into four regions - North, South, East and West

Each Regional Council is represented on the Welsh Athletics General Council. In addition to the national competition structure there are several leagues operating within and across regions in the different athletic disciplines to provide local level competition.

The Regional Athletic Councils are established following the Welsh Athletics Byelaws.

Membership of a RAC will be open to the following:
a. Clubs affiliated to Welsh Athletics, and having their headquarters within the region
b. A representative of each affiliated education establishment based in the region
c. Associate status members of Welsh Athletics within the region
d. A sports development officer from each of the unitary authorities in the region
e. A nominee from each of the Welsh Schools Athletics Association district associations based in the region
f. A representative of an affiliated service unit located in the region
g. The officers of a RAC will be the Chairman, Secretary & Treasurer
h. The RAC will also appoint other positions to organise and deliver athletics within the region.

The Geographical boundaries used are the following:-

East Wales
North Wales South Wales West Wales
Blaenau Gwent
South Powys
Ynys Mon
North Powys
Merthyr Tydfil
Rhondda Cynon Taff
Vale of Glamorgan
Neath & Port Talbot

*Until such time as the position of Caerphilly County Borough is resolved into membership of a single Schools District, athletes with a birth or residential qualification from the former Mid Glamorgan section of the County Borough will be eligible to compete in South Wales Regional Championships, while athletes with a birth or residential qualification from the former Gwent section of the County Borough will be eligible to compete in the East Wales Regional Championships.

The Regional Athletics Councils will:
a. Provide guidance, support and alignment on all matters relating to athletics in the regions
b. Receive, disseminate and cascade information
c. Consider and vote on issues relevant to the function of the RAC
d. Produce detailed minutes for the General Council of Welsh Athletics Limited and summarised minutes for general distribution/ website. All minutes to be circulated to relevant personnel by the Secretary; as designated by Chair of the RAC
e. Report to the General Council of Welsh Athletics Limited through the appointed representatives
f. Each RAC will have 2 types of meetings:

  • Annual General Meeting -this is open to the members of the RAC. The AGM will normally be held in June
  • Ordinary meetings are anticipated to be held at least 5 times a year. They are open to members of the RAC with each affiliated club entitled to send one voting nominee.

g. Each Region may appoint:

  • One nominee to attend the Annual General Meeting and any Extraordinary General Meeting of Welsh Athletics Ltd with speaking and voting rights.
  • Three nominees to attend meetings of the General Council.
  • One nominee to attend the Athletics Sub Committees of WELSH ATHLETICS LTD other than the Development Sub Committee.

The four Regional Athletics Councils are:

Welsh Athletics Ltd.
Cardiff International Sports Stadium
Leckwith Road
Cardiff. CF11 8AZ.

  • WAG
  • SCW
  • UKA