Fyn Corcoran completes Performance team

24/09/2019 00:00, In Blog / Track & Field /

Fyn Corcoran has started his role as a National Talent Development Coordinator [NTDC] for Jumps and Combined Events completing a team of four NTDCs covering all the athletics disciplines. Fyn grew up as a multi-event, multi-sport athlete, competing in every event up to and including cross country at a national level as well as playing, football and rugby at a high level. Fyn is a proud member of Rumney Valley, a level 2 Coach, and Coach Tutor.

"My Dad, as my coach had a simple philosophy of natural movement and fun, inclusive games and drills, general physical preparedness as well as when the time came, and athletes had built sufficient work capacity, hard work and fierce competitive edge. I then went on to Brunel University to study sports science the Train Bruce Longden and eventually Greg Richards. Travelling all over the world to train and compete, never forgetting the basic run, jump, throw, multisport philosophy." said Fyn "I am passionate about every child having the opportunity to run, jump and throw and believe that the life skills that athletics teaches our young people are absolutely vital in an increasingly sedentary world.

"In my new role, I hope to provide a competition structure and pathway for combined events, giving opportunities for our athletes to stay in multi-events for longer in their development which will hopefully improve their skills and enjoyment, therefore helping athlete retention. I will professionalise the approach to jumps and combined events at a regional and national level, bringing them in line with the other event areas, all working together to improve standards and performance. I also would like to challenge our excellent jumps and combined events coaches sharing ideas and learning together, helping to move the sport forward now and for the future. " 

National Coach, Chris Jones, commented:

"I'm so happy to have Fyn on board, he completes our team of four NTDCs who will be driving all the event groups forward. We've got plans which will see a greater focus on young athletes trying out and competing across the run, jump and throw events, rather than specialising early, and having Fyn with his combined events background will really help us with this going forward."