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The Run, Jump, Throw initiative in Wales looks to help facilitate the delivery and experience of introductory athletics to young developing athletes in a multitude of ways. There are 2 key features of the initiative:

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1. The RJT workshop

This workshop allows for initial, informal training of new volunteers and those looking at delivering athletics activities to young athletes.

Activities are delivered over a 3 hours period in which the tutor demonstrates a series of practical sessions and provides an advanced level of understanding across running, jumping and throwing activities.

The RJT workshop can be utilised by:

  • Clubs – to encourage new parents / volunteers to help and assist on club training nights. The workshop can be delivered over a 3 hour period allowing it to be delivered on a club training night.
  • Schools – to up skill students that are looking to deliver after school / lunch time clubs or looking to gain a basic experience of athletics.
  • HE/FE institutions – this workshop could be offered to students looking to gain an understanding in best practice for delivery to young athletes.
  • Facilities – to train staff that would potentially deliver athletics activities through facility clubs or initiatives. This could be offered as a CPD opportunity to those staff that were looking to develop their practical delivery skills.

Regardless of the individual’s background, each candidate would be supported through the provision of a workshop resource as well as practical delivery resources, as necessary. Those attending the workshops would be encouraged to continue with their education through the UK Athletics formal leader and coach education pathway.

Further details of the workshop can be found on the workshop information sheet.

2. RJT Resources

The RJT initiative has a series of resources that can be utilised by clubs, facilities, schools as a way of enhancing the programme of opportunity available to young athletes.

  1. The RJT workshop resource; includes guidance on the fundamentals of the sport, practical delivery notes and signposting to further support. This is supplied to all candidates attending a RJT workshop.
  2. RJT delivery resource; this is for those looking to set up activities and includes; a simple guide to RJT, a series of progressive session plans and a guide of what to deliver with key coaching notes.

Benefits of RJT

  • Facilitates the delivery of athletics in remote locations (e.g sports halls, school/community halls, etc).
  • Delivery is possible with minimal equipment requirements.
  • A resource and format of session plans (based on RJT philosophy) provided to support ongoing delivery.
  • Can be utilised by a range of sport providers (Clubs, Schools, Facilities, etc).
  • Potentially an improved induction into the sport of athletics for young / new athletes.
  • Looks to develop key movement skills through the delivery of athletics events – of benefit to athletes of all sporting backgrounds.

Club benefits

  • May help to encourage new volunteers (simple short workshop attendance) that may potentially move into coaching.
  • The workshop could be used to develop existing coaches or those less confident in delivery to young athletes.
  • Potential to link with satellite clubs (operating in schools / facilities / other locations) therefore expanding the membership base.
  • Support to athlete induction process and new member policies.

School benefits

  • The workshop would help to train young leaders / volunteers interested in coaching and leading activities.
  • The workshop is supported by a certificate of attendance.
  • Established sessions as a result would help to fulfil AYP demand for the sport.
  • Simple, easy, cost effective delivery (minimal equipment, minimal costs) of athletics within local environments.
  • Potential development of school – club links (and support from clubs if appropriate).

Benefits to Local Authorities

  • Professional and personal development of existing facility staff (expanding training opportunities).
  • Sessions could be run at ‘off peak’ times when facilities would otherwise be empty.
  • Would help to create closer links with both schools, AYP activity and facilities.
  • Sessions and delivery has a greater emphasis on participation and increasing the numbers of those active.
  • Could be utilised by other sports for the training and development of athletes and volunteers


The Run Jump Throw initiative received the London 2012 Inspire Mark.



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