IMPORTANT 2018 New UKA Throws Safety Guidance 

Following a recent incident where a hammer thrown from a well maintained cage, carried 6 lanes of a track and caused a minor injury (note: this event did not happen in Wales); UK Athletics (UKA) has produced new guidance for the safe management of hammer and discus throwing. The guidance is applicable to both training and competition situations, and should be implemented immediately.

All facility providers, club coaches and committee members should read the NEW throws safety guidance in detail, and ensure that the guidance is followed for all future training sessions and competitions that include throws activity. The guidance can be found here:

Information included on this page; 

UKA Facilities Strategy

UKA, working closely with Welsh Athletics have produced a Facility Strategy (2014-19). A copy of this strategy and further information can be found here

Track Certification

From the 1st January 2016 UK Athletics introduced a new system of athletics facility certification called the UKA Athletics Facility Competition Certificate.

The Athletics Facility Competition Certificate has been introduced to ensure that facilities hosting events and competitions where records and qualifying standards are likely to be set are compliant with the requirements of the UK Athletics rulebook.

UKA Athletics Facility Competition Certificate

Only facilities that intend hosting competitions at permit levels 3, 4 and 5 will require a new UKA Athletics Facility Competition Certificate.

There will be two types of certificate that will be issued:

1. Full: A venue that has a valid measurement and levels survey for the full range of outdoor track and field events.

2. Part: A venue that has a valid measurement and levels survey for some, but not all, outdoor track and field events. Note: Any areas of non-compliance will be noted on the certificate.

Certificates issued under the new scheme will normally be valid for an undetermined period of time. In the event of track resurface/remark UKA should be informed and new measurement and levels survey must be provided. Note: this must be conducted by a recognised track surveyor.

Certificates may be withdrawn, revoked or suspended by UKA if there is reasonable doubt as to the accuracy of any survey or if the facility is altered in any way which materially affects the survey.

Certificates issued under the scheme apply only to the technical suitability of the facility to host track and field competition.

All removable competition equipment such as hurdles, steeplechase barriers, landing mats, stop boards, throwing cages should be inspected before any competition and they do not form part of the UKA Athletics Facility Competition Certificate.

Full Details and further information relating to the new Competition Certification process can be found here.

List of Facilities

An updated list of facilities in Wales can be found here as well as the 'Facilities A-Z' section of the British Athletics website.

Looking After Your Facility

UK Athletics has produced a series of short videos that offer guidance and support to track and field operators and their users in the safe and effective management of athletics facilities. These can be found here.  

Facilities A – Z

British Athletics have produced a guide for many key elements of track management and competition. This includes; Event Checklists and Event Preparation, Equipment Maintenance and Storage preparation, Facility Maintenance as well as a Full Listings of Tracks in the UK (which can be filtered to identify tracks in Wales) and the Track Operator Handbook. Full details can be found here.

British Athletics Facilities Page

Further information and guidance relating to facilities across the UK can be found on the British Athletics Facilities Page via the following link: http://www.britishathletics.org.uk/governance/facilities/

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