BUCS Indoor Athletics Championships Sheffield


Saturday 25 – Sunday 26 February 2012
(Team Registration and the Withdrawals and Substitutions Desk will also be open on the evening of Friday 24 February. Times to be confirmed).

English Institute of Sport, Coleridge Road, Sheffield, S9 5DA

Each Institution can enter up to two people per event.

Entry Fees:
£8.75 per competitor per individual entry
£20.00 per team per relay
(Please note that in a change from previous entry fees we have removed the “team fee”)

Entry Process:
BUCS operate online entries for this event via BUCScore. This is an automated system which will require athlete’s names to be selected from an existing database organised by your Athletic Union/Sports Office. The online entry forms will be live from 6 December and will close automatically at midnight on Wednesday 8 February 2012. The online forms will need to be completed in full including personal bests for each athlete which must be supported by a link to a results website. E.g. www.thepowerof10.info

Closing Date:
Entries will close at midnight on Wednesday 8 February 2012.
BUCS has once again pushed the entry deadline back as late as possible. It is hoped that this will help institutions and coaches when selecting teams and will also reduce the number of withdrawals. As we have moved this date later THERE WILL BE NO LATE ENTRIES ACCEPTED.
Personal Bests:
All entries must be submitted along with an accurate personal best. Personal bests are used to seed athletes. Each personal best must be supported by a link to a results website. E.g. www.thepowerof10.info
Reserve Lists:
Reserves must be entered into the BUCScore system alongside the entries. This facility will also close on Wednesday 8 Februaryat midnight. There is no limit to the number of reserves an institution can enter. Only athletes named on the reserve list or already competing in the competition will be able to be used as substitutes.
Competition Numbers:
All athletes will be allocated individual competition numbers. Athletes will wear the same competition number in every event they compete in.
A provisional timetable is available here. This is subject to change.The final timetable will be drawn up once all entries have been received. This will be circulated with the Pre Event Information on 14 February 2012.
Medals will be awarded to the first three athletes in each event. Team points will be awarded to the top 8 finishers in each event. BUCS points will be allocated to the first four finishers.
These Championships are open to students at institutions in membership of BUCS who meet the eligibility requirements of the association as per REG 7.
Pre-Event Information:
Pre-Event Information and a list of all entries will be sent to AU Offices/Sports Offices via the BUCS Essentials on 14 February 2012. It is the responsibility of institutions to check that the athletes’ names entered are correct and notify BUCS of any errors immediately. This information will also be available at www.bucs.org.uk/athletics.
Health & Safety: It is the responsibility of each institution to ensure that athletes are capable of competing safely in the events for which they have been entered.
False Start Detection Equipment: False start detection equipment will be used in races up to and including 400 metres, including the first leg of a relay race, unless otherwise specified by the Meeting Director.  ALL athletes in these events SHALL be required to use only the starting blocks provided.
UKA Rules of Competition – Effective from 1st April 2010
Rule 110  – Starting Blocks
(2) Their use is optional, except where blocks incorporating false start detection equipment is in use when all
competitors shall be required to use only the starting blocks provided.
Rule 111 – The Start
(14) In all competitions for Senior athletes as defined in Rule 107(6), including those where younger athletes
are competing according to the Rules, whether false start detection equipment is in use or not, any athlete
making a false start shall be disqualified.
Note: In practice, when one or more competitors ‘beat the start signal’ others are inclined to follow and, strictly speaking, any competitor who does so has beaten the start signal. The Starter should warn or disqualify, as appropriate, only such competitor or competitors who in his or her opinion were responsible for beating the start signal. If the unfair start is not due to any competitor no warning shall be given.

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