Anglo Celtic Plate 100km International

Daniel Weston (Wrexham ACC) had a day to remember at Perth, Scotland on Sunday 27th March as he not only became Wales first ever male silver medalist in the annual Anglo Celtic Plate, he also beat his previous best ever Welsh record time for the event with a time of: 7hrs 11mins 47secs. Iain Ridgway (Eryri H) was Wales only other previous male medal winner in the event when finishing 4th overall, 3rd UK at Perth in 2013. The Perth event was Daniel’s 3rd attempt at the distance following a time of 7:43:07 at Gravesend in 2014 and his previous Welsh record time of 7:16:44 at Redwick, Newport in last year’s event.

Following a very windy night in Perth, the conditions calmed down a bit ready for the early 7am start made even more earlier with the clocks being turned forward an extra hour for British Summer Time! Race conditions were variable throughout the day ranging from a very cold early morning start to bouts of sunshine and light rain with temperatures not getting much warmer than 8 degrees. The course at Perth’s North Inch Park was a measured 2.381km, 42 lap race route with competitors having to face a variable headwind up to 14mph on the far end stretch of the course alongside the river Tay. Daniel ran his own well-paced race with lap times ranging from 9.52 to 10.42 as he gradually made his way through the field to take 2nd place behind race winner Paul Navesey (Crawley/England) 6:58:52 with Scotland’s Robert Turner 3rd in a time of 7:17:11. While Daniel was having a more or less trouble free run, Wales other competitors were not so fortunate! Jason Scanlon (Pontypridd) struggled to digest any food or water in the 2nd half of the race and finished 17th in a time of 8:50:08 while Jeremy Mower (Gloucester) required two visits to the physio’s couch to release a seized hip to finally finish 20th in a time of 9:07:09 and Natasha Doyle (Les Croupiers) finished 23rd in a time of 9:43:57.

Full race results with lap times:

Overall: A superb well-paced race by Daniel Weston in a very good and Welsh record time in testing conditions while Wales other competitors ran through the pain barrier to complete their objective of finishing the 100k. Well done also to Team support Mike Robbins for manning the Welsh feed station on his feet for over ten hours!  



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