Leading Athletics

An exciting new leadership programme for those looking to lead athletics activities for young athletes. Packed full of useful tips and ideas the award features:

• Interactive practical 3-hour workshop
• Workbook and Support Resource
• Set of Game Cards
• Interactive App (available on both the App Store and Google Play Store)

Who is it for?

Leading Athletics is an exciting new leadership workshop for those looking to lead athletics activities for young athletes. The award is widely used by schools, colleges and universities across Wales to deliver leadership requirements within the curriculum.  Packed full of useful tips and ideas, this 3 hours workshop is supported by a workbook, support resource and series of Game Cards which aid delivery. All content comes in an interactive ‘app’ with the resource is also available in a printed book format (if required).  
The Resource:
Supported by a series of interactive resources Leading Athletics is perfect for anyone wishing to lead an athletics session. A must for those new to the sport the resources include information on the roles and responsibilities of a leader, how to lead a fun and inclusive athletics session and further information on how to develop your leadership skills. Crammed with ‘Top Tips’ for effective delivery, the Support Resource also explores the key principles of running, jumping and throwing events whilst providing technical information which support these principles.
The Game Cards:
The progressive Game Cards included in the full support resource demonstrate how to set up fun and engaging activates all designed to help introduce young athletes to the fundamentals of running, jumping and throwing.
The App:
The Leading Athletics App compliments the Leading Athletics Workshop and allows users to interactively deliver activities and seamlessly link to other support resources.

The Benefits:

Learner Benefits:

  • A fun and practical course that focuses on leading athletics activities
  • Workshop and resources provide support to a programme of delivery with a strong emphasis on proving ‘quality education’ to the learner
  • A solid foundation from which to progress on to the formal British Athletics Coaching or Officiating Pathway
  • Helps to develop generic leadership and delivery skills which are vital in other areas of life
  • Allows those who are not necessarily ‘sporty’ to take a full and active role in athletics delivery
  • Increases self-confidence that comes through taking responsibility for their own and others learning and enjoyment, a positive first experience in the sport of athletics

Organisation Benefits:

  • A recognised award that is delivered across the UK
  • A pre-cursor to formal coaching qualifications that complements the other British Athletics programmes of study
  • Provides training for volunteers who can help to assist and lead activities under the guidance and support of a qualified athletics coach, helping to create more ‘thriving clubs’
  • Creates new leaders that can be utilised to deliver athletics activities within lunchtime and after-school clubs, sports festivals and tournaments, holiday schemes and community sports events
  • Creates an army of experienced and enthusiastic volunteers to help support the delivery of athletics activities in Wales, helping to cultivate a more ‘committed workforce’
  • Potentially improves behaviour, learner self-confidence as well as providing learners with the opportunity to take responsibility
  • In a school setting, athletics leadership has the power to positively improve pupils wellbeing, ability to learn, grow and develop as young adults
  • Increased understanding and empathy with others helps to create a supportive and co-operative atmosphere

Community Benefits:

  • Provides trained volunteers who can assist with the delivery of sport and recreation initiatives locally within their community
  • Increases the awareness of athletics opportunities, in a variety of settings, within local communities across Wales
  • Provides training for young people; keeping them engaged, increasing their responsibility and developing their confidence  and self-esteem
  • Improved relationships between community groups, schools and other local organisations
  • Provides a stepping stone on the pathway to a ‘life in sport’ through participation / volunteering




Individual  - £20   per person (or £25 per person to include Support Resource)

Minimum of 8 attendees per workshop.

App Codes which provide access to the full content of the Leading Athletics App available at additional cost to candidates

Workshop - £350 per workshop with up to 20 attendees

£450 for the workshop with App Codes that provide access to the full content of the Leading Athletics App

Athletics Clubs

Please contact Welsh Athletics

Workshops can be arranged in a variety of settings. For full details and to receive further information please contact the Welsh Athletics office on:

E: office@welshathletics.org or T: 02920 644870

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