Coach in Running Fitness

The Coach in Running Fitness (CiRF) programme  is designed for those who want to get involved in coaching runners who take part in non track based activities e.g. road, fell, cross country or multi terrain events.

The CiRF award will provide coaches with an introduction to coaching knowledge and skills relating to running. During the programme, candidates will be asked to consider the needs of individuals who have a range of fundamental movement skills regardless of their chronological age. CiRF coaches will work with runners of all abilities and interests, including those new to the sport, returning to the sport or competitive runners.

The CiRF programme will take a minimum of five months to complete, however, once underway, applicants have up to two years to complete all elements.

Please note that the CiRF programme is not designed for coaches who want to work with runners taking part in track based endurance events such as 800m – 10,0000m or steeplechase.


• To identify, plan and evaluate the development needs of runners
• To supervise  Coaching Assistants or Leaders in the delivery of sessions or part sessions
• To manage the safety and welfare of those under your supervision
• To educate runners about all aspects of competition

Target Audience

Coaches must be 18 or over to embark on the CiRF programme.  The programme is primarily for those working with runners up to and including the event group development stage. All applicants must be active leaders or coaches who have completed as a minimum a Level 1, LiRF or Coaching Assistant course.

CiRF is about the broad application to non track based endurance running events rather than specific events or distances.

Course Overview

• Fundamental running skills and drills
• Skill development
• Energy systems and endurance running
• Physical preparation
• Nutrition
• Injury prevention and management
• Flexibility
• Factors influencing performance
• Elements of planning and delivery
• The role and responsibilities of a Coach
• The core coaching skills
• Integrated coaching
• Athlete Development
• Athlete Profiling

The programme combines classroom-based activity and practical sessions so candidates should come dressed for light exercise, which could take place indoors our outside, candidates should be prepared for all weather conditions. If there are any medical reasons why an individual cannot take part in activity they should let the tutors know at the beginning of the day.

Throughout the day candidates will be expected to actively engage in all sessions including coaching group running activities and participate while others are coaching. There should be a morning and afternoon break and a 30 minute lunch break.


Candidates will be required to complete and submit a written Coaching Diary for assessment based on their experience during the time between day 3 and day 4 and delivery to their profiled athletes. The Coaching Diary must be successfully completed to secure the subsequent place on the Observed Practical Assessment day. The practical assessment is available after day three and the second period of supported practice to allow time for completion of the Coaching Diary.

The Observed Practical Assessments will ask candidates will deliver two parts of a session while being observed by an assessor. They will also be required to play the role of an "athlete" in the assessments of fellow coaches. If you are physically unable to take part you should inform the assessor at the beginning of the day.

Course Length

The course and assessment period is four days in total.

Day 1 & 2 delivered as a weekend
4 - 6 week break
Day 3
10 - 12 week break (tasks to be completed during this period)
Assessment Day*

*Please note a reassessment day may be required


Affiliated: £350    Non-Affiliated: £400 (includes Day 1 & 2, Day 3 & Assessment Day)

For full detailed information and pre course material please visit the ulearn website

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