Advice for Verifiers

It is now possible to apply for a UKA Discolusre and Barring Service check online. The process can be accessed via the myATHLETICS portal

The online system provides a step-by-step guide to completing the form and arranging to have their evidence verified. Futher information on the process can be found here (Previous page)

It is possible for the applicant to select a local verifier online. If they also select to have the application emailed, you will receive a notification email stating that they have nominated you as their verifier. The email will have a link giving you access to the verification page for the applicant. Until you complete and submit the completed verification form online, you can access the same link. You will still need to physically see three forms of identification in your evidence checker role. Once you have completed your checks and are satisfied as to the identity of the applicant, you should reopen the notification email and click on the hyperlink, taking you to the verification page. You then complete the verification page and submit the document online.

If you are not able to access the online application system, please contact the UKA Welfare team who can assist you.

The applicant also has the option to print their verification application. They must then supply this to you along with their identification documents. This will require you to the same checks as previously with the paper application and the applicant then must forward their form to ‘Athletics Welfare, PO Box 332, Sale, Manchester, M33 6XL’. UKA will then complete the verification process.

Applications made online will still receive an applicants certificate from the DBS. If there are no findings, the applicant no longer needs to forward their certificate to UKA.

When UKA have received electronic confirmation of an online application, the licence will be produced and sent out to the applicant.

Any queries should be directed to the UKA welfare office. 

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