Athlete Support Plan

The Welsh Athletics’ athlete support programme is divided into 2 main tiers; the Commonwealth Games (CWG) programme and the Welsh Athletics Academy (WAA).

The CWG programme supports senior athletes who are likely to represent Wales at the next Commonwealth Games with a probability of winning a medal or achieving a top-8 finish.

The WAA programme supports athletes in the 17-22 age bracket who have a possibility of making the Welsh team at the next Commonwealth Games and the potential to win a medal or achieve a top-8 finish at future Commonwealth Games.

A panel of experts from the Welsh Athletics’ Senior Management Team, Performance Team and Board of Directors reviews athlete performances on an annual basis and combines a knowledge of an athlete’s performance level, progression, age, time in the sport, potential for further development and current environment to assess whether they fulfil the objectives of the programme.

Each athlete in receipt of support is required to sign an athlete agreement that includes the expectations of them as a supported athlete and also what they can access from Welsh Athletics.  Whilst the support on offer is individualised to each athlete’s needs and support level, some of the benefits may include;

  1. Medical support, to include; access to a sports physician, physiotherapist and massage therapist
  2. Sports science support, to include; access to a nutritionist, physiologist and psychologist
  3. Access to a strength and conditioning coach
  4. Performance advice
  5. Coach support
  6. Warm weather training grants
  7. International competition support
  8. Facility access at selected training venues
  9. An athlete support grant

Each athlete is also assigned a specific point of contact within the Welsh Athletics performance team.  These contacts are available to assist coach-athlete pairs with such things as;

  1. Review / assembly of competition programmes
  2. Review / construction of training programmes
  3. Identification and sourcing of support networks
  4. Facilitation of annual review processes
  5. Facilitation of annual planning and goal setting


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