Our Board of Directors - trusted to lead

Governance is the systems and processes concerned with ensuring the overall direction, effectiveness, supervision and accountability of our organisation.

The Board of Directors is Welsh Athletics’ key decision-making body.  In addition to making decisions, the Board also provides leadership, takes account of the stakeholders’ interests and is accountable both for its own decisions and the actions of Welsh Athletics as a whole.

The Board of Directors

  • Carol Anthony (Chair)
  • Sue Alvey
  • Angharad Mair
  • Dr Nicky Lewis
  • Christian Malcolm
  • Ron Odunaiya
  • Bernie Plain
  • David Roberts
  • Matt Newman (Company Secretary)

Our Board Sub-Groups

The Welsh Athletics governance structure delegates authority to a number of key sub groups of the Board to ensure that proper consultation takes place and that progress is made in two vital areas of the organisation. Each of the sub-groups has made significant progress in the areas of Governance and Finance & Audit.

Governance Sub-Group

  • Dr Nicky Lewis (Chair)
  • John Collins
  • Steve Perks
  • Anthony Clements
  • Rebecca Rothwell
  • David Roberts (Co-opted Legal)

Finance Sub-Group

  • Carol Anthony (Chair)
  • Matt Newman
  • Keith Matthews
  • Karlijn Asveld
  • James Williams
  • Scott Simpson
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President & Vice President of Welsh Athletics

President of Welsh Athletics – Lynette Harries

Vice President of Welsh Athletics – Positions Vacant

Role of the President and Vice President – Attached document

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